Fiscal Sponsorship

We are happy to support three community organizations as their fiscal sponsor. Please help support both of these groups!

  1. Hi Mom I Am Home – Hi Mom I Am Home is a charitable referral agency that provides services and support to men and women who have lost their children to social services. The agency’s ultimate goal is to reunite families by assisting in assuring that children are returned to a safe home, nurturing environment and solid foundation thus producing well balanced and positive adults.
  2. UJAYLO – The Light – Based in Denver, Ujyalo’s mission is to install “bottle-blub” system in rural villages in Birgunj Nepal by the end of 2013. Ujyalo will create: 55 watts of light, an energy-efficient system, and an environmental friendly system. 55 watts of light will ignite the house of many who have been living in darkness during the day for a long time!
  3. Fortitude Foundation – Fortitude Foundation is dedicated to fostering strength and courage to support emotional wellness for struggling teens and women by providing healthcare accessibility, financial literacy, family services and mentorship.

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